Zone 4

Tangible Assets, Close to Home

Here is where we are quite literally bringing it all home. Home is where the heart is, and it’s also one of the best areas for making profitable investments. Leveraging your own experience, energy, and sweat equity, along with money you have saved or borrowed, can pay big returns. Investment could be in one’s home, in home improvements such as adding an in-law or rental unit to your house, in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, or for other ends, such as building the physical elements of household and community resilience. Converting financial assets into tangible assets is the distinctive feature of this zone, and at the same time, much of what you do in this basket offers intangible rewards such as pride of ownership and accomplishment.

Key areas of Zone 4 focus

  • Home/house/property
  • Local infrastructure/commons (parks, utilities, etc.)
  • Energy systems/choices
  • Local shopping & sharing

Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s Waste to Wealth program

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance sponsors a Waste to Wealth program that helps communities turn waste into resources. This program collaborates with businesses, activists, and policymakers to reduce waste generation and provide community development opportunities through reuse, recovery, and re-manufacturing of “waste” materials and their byproducts. The website includes examples, lists of partners, and lots of resources. Visit website.

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