Zone 6

Tangible Assets, Evolutionary

This zone is where we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. By re-envisioning our relationship with nature and how we manage the flow of materials and energy, activities in this area are creating innovative on-the-ground (and in-the-ground) solutions and opportunities. The tangible assets we are talking about are as familiar as life itself: trees, livestock, soil, grass, the oceans, and the atmosphere. But here the goal is to return, to restore, and to regenerate; interdependency, holism, reciprocity, and diversity are actively woven into the design. Applying this strategy to tangible assets is a profound investment in the foundation of all wealth.

Key areas of Zone 6 focus

  • Regenerative investments (in physical world/nature)
  • Ecosystem services
  • Circular economy/Biomimicry
  • Habitat restoration/Conservation finance
  • Decentralized manufacturing

Slow Money

Slow Money has catalyzed the formation of about two dozen regional chapters and over a dozen investing clubs that support investments in farms and other regional food enterprises, mostly in the form of loans. Slow Money also accepts donations in support of this work. This page features interesting examples of action and investment by local Slow Money chapters.

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