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Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Community Composting

This report by the Institute for Self Reliance profiles 31 successful programs that range from rural to urban. Programs highlighted are diverse, including community gardens, farms, schools and universities, demonstration sites, etc. Many are non-profit, and all focus on keeping their program as local as possible. The website also includes the results of a survey of community composters. Read the report.

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Creating and using compost can create local jobs

This visual presentation by the Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) includes new research showing how composting and compost use created new jobs in Maryland. When communities are able to convert yard trimmings and food scraps into compost, and then used locally, new jobs are created; 1400 new full-time jobs for every 1 million tons converted, according to the ILSR. See the presentation.

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Transition Towns International Network

The UK-based Transition Network is a resource for communities that are self-organizing around the Transition model by creating initiatives that focus on rebuilding resilience and reducing CO2 emissions. The Network offers numerous types of information to support such efforts. It includes a directory of projects around the world. Visit website.

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New American Dream Collaborative Communities Program

Center for a New American Dream offers a wealth of resources for building community engagement and resilience. A Community Action Kit consists of two downloadable action guides, Guide to Sharing and Guide to Going Local, as well as a great set of resources for growing a local food system. Each is geared toward helping people organize and implement locally-based projects, with concrete project ideas, step-by-step tips, video stories, and more. A linked series of webinars contains tips and ideas from people who have already completed successful projects. Center for a New American Dream also contains a wealth of other programs around the themes of “Beyond Consumerism” and “Redefining the Dream.” Visit website.

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Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s Waste to Wealth program

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance sponsors a Waste to Wealth program that helps communities turn waste into resources. This program collaborates with businesses, activists, and policymakers to reduce waste generation and provide community development opportunities through reuse, recovery, and re-manufacturing of “waste” materials and their byproducts. The website includes examples, lists of partners, and lots of resources. Visit website.

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