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Real Economy Lab: charting evolutionary initiatives

In mid-2015, this new initiative from members of the Transition Network (global Transition Town group) will launch, with the goal of charting the already-existing pieces of the decentralized economy of the future. In essence, they’ll be charting much of our Evolutionary Strategy, which, as many of you have surely noted, also takes place Close to Home.

Introductory essay by Jules Peck: “…the alternative future is already (partly) here, emerging in pockets of light around the world. Aside from nearly 500 Transition initiatives worldwide, there is a vast and increasing array of practitioning and thinking around what is being called the ‘new economy.’ As Professor Gar Alperovitz has recently said, ‘just below the surface of media attention literally thousands of grass roots institution-changing, wealth-democratizing efforts have been quietly developing.’”

Current site of Jules Peck, one of the initiators of the Real Economy Lab; includes several recent introductory essays.

Get a taste of the resources and active nodes in this new economy that Real Economy Lab will bring together

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SunFunder: Unlocking capital for emerging market solar

SunFunder is a San Francisco- and Tanzania-based business that connects investors to high-impact solar projects that improve the lives of low-income communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It provides structures for both accredited investors, through a fund, and non-accredited investors, through a crowd-funding model (no interest on crowdfunded investments). Visit their website.

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Mosaic: A Leading Solar Energy Investment Platform

Oakland-based Mosaic uses crowdfunding campaigns and larger investments by accredited investors to fund clean energy projects. A new platform on Mosaic’s site focuses on growing renewable energy by giving people an opportunity to finance solar arrays on other people’s homes. Visit website.

(For now, crowdfunding options are only available in California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and New York; investors in other states must be accredited.)

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New Economy Coalition

The New Economy Coalition is an alliance of individuals and organizations working toward deep, systemic changes to our economy and our politics. Centered on a vision of an economy that is restorative to people, place and planet, this Boston-based coalition holds conferences, offers publications, and facilitates conversation and action around this issue through various means. Visit website.

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Slow Money

Slow Money has catalyzed the formation of about two dozen regional chapters and over a dozen investing clubs that support investments in farms and other regional food enterprises, mostly in the form of loans. Slow Money also accepts donations in support of this work. This page features interesting examples of action and investment by local Slow Money chapters.

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Investing in Rural Small and Growing Businesses

Root Capital, a nonprofit social investment fund, grows rural prosperity in poor, environmentally vulnerable places in Africa and Latin America by lending capital, delivering financial training, and strengthening market connections for small and growing rural businesses. Its loan fund is open to qualified investors and they accept donations from anyone. Learn more.

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Stories of Great Transition open-source website

Great Transition Stories is an open source wiki, initiated by Duane Elgin. The purpose of the site is summarized as follows: “The stories we tell shape our view of ourselves and the path we take through this time of collective awakening and global turning. We have the ability to consciously choose narratives that offer realistic beacons of hope to guide our way through the Great Transition. The following stories are drawn from many sources–biology, psychology, cosmology, mythology, and more–and offer a wide menu to choose from in crafting guiding narratives, whether personal or organizational.” There is also a resource list of leading articles, reports, and books giving credence to the idea of a Great Transition.

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