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Institute for Local Self-Reliance

For decades, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance has championed just that. It focuses on local control and reliance particularly in the areas of broadband, energy, independent businesses, banking, waste (to wealth), and the public good. Each of these areas contains a deep database of articles, relevant rules and resources. Its website has numerous audio, video and written resources. Noteworthy is a searchable database of local, state and federal laws in areas of interest to local self reliance, such as composting, anti-privitization, beverage containers, etc. Visit website.

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Invest With Values: comprehensive SRI directory

The Invest With Values website includes a wide-ranging, easy-to-use directory with investment opportunities in the following areas: local banking, community investing, sustainable and responsible investing, and impact investing.

The website also contains numerous tools to help you on a path toward investing with your values. Visit website.

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