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A Wide Variety of Consumer Guides from EWG

Environmental Working Guide has done its homework in producing practical, helpful consumer guides that research and rate numerous everyday items, including beauty products, hair/teeth/skincare, sunscreen, baby products, seafood, lighting, etc. These searchable databases include a wealth of information to help people purchase or use healthier products and foods and avoid the same with unhealthy or even toxic ingredients. See guides.

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Joseph Keefe: Sustainable Investing

This Q & A with Joseph Keefe, president and CEO of Pax World Management (an SRI pioneer), speaks to the value of SRI as a positive force in business and for the planet, as well as offering strong financial performance for investors. Keefe makes the case for SRI as the obvious choice for moving the global economy in a more sustainable direction. Read interview.

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Natural Investments Heart Rating

Since 1992, the NI Social Rating (the Heart Rating) has been the leading tool investors can use to get a snapshot of sustainable and responsible mutual funds’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. The Rating methodology addresses avoidance and affirmative screening, shareholder advocacy, community investing, and the firm’s research process. The Rating does not include consideration of financial performance; see US SIF’s performance charts for that. See the latest NI Heart Ratings.

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Adam Kahane: Transformative Scenario Planning

Book: Transformative Scenario Planning. As developed by Kahane and his consulting partners, transfomative scenario planning takes the well-established methodology of adaptive scenario planning—rigorously constructing a set of stories of alternative possible futures—and turns it on its head. It uses scenarios not only to understand and adapt to the future but also to challenge and change it; by offering ways for us to transform the systems of which we are part.

Videos: Transformative Scenario Planning
A half-hour video introduction to Kahane’s approach
A 12-minute version of his overview
An hour-long webinar on transformative scenario planning





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Natural Capitalism

Book: Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
Co-authored by Paul Hawken and Amory and Hunter Lovins, the book advocates the triple bottom line of profitability, environmental awareness, and social responsibility as a way that businesses can achieve greater operational efficiency. The book is available in hard copy ,or in free downloadable chapters.

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Benefit Corporations and B Corps

Benefit Corporations are a new legal class of corporate structure, now available in over half the states in the US; Benefit Corporations are charged with not only serving the interests of their owners, but also creating a material positive impact on society and the environment. Learn more and find Benefit Corporations here.

An related initiative is the B Corp network, which while not a legal structure, is open to companies large and small in the US and overseas. To be certified as a B Corp, companies must meet higher standards of accountability, transparency, community service, and environmental sustainability. Learn more about the 1200+ B Corps.

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American Sustainable Business Council

The American Sustainable Business Council works to create a vision and policy framework for a sustainable, market-based economy. The ASBC engages in advocacy targeting policy makers, business leaders, and the public at large on issues including sustainable economics, financial markets, energy and environment, taxes, and worker ownership.  Membership includes businesses, organizations, and individuals. Visit website.

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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Global Reporting Initiative website is a tool for investors to look at the self-reported sustainability efforts of companies. GRI has a searchable database, where one can look up companies by region, sector, size, and other variables. GRI’s database features reports that cover multiple issues, i.e. economic, environmental, social and governance information. Integrated reports cover both sustainable and financial disclosures. Visit website.

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ISO 14000

ISO 14000 and its associated standards provide practical tools for companies focused on improving their environmental performance, including environmental management systems, life cycle analysis, and communication and auditing. The ISO site primarily serves companies looking to develop state of the art internal standards; investors may want to learn about the standards, but this is not a directory of companies that have adopted the standards. Visit website.

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