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The Resilient Investor offers a fresh roadmap that can help us become personally prepared for a wide range of possible futures—able to survive, even to thrive, in a world that is increasingly unpredictable and often turbulent—while also being active players in making our communities and our world more resilient, strengthening the human and natural systems upon which all life depends.

Table of Contents

Standing Up to Uncertainty

Facing the Future Why We Are Expanding Your View of Investing

More Than Money: Recognizing Your Real Net Worth
Personal, Tangible, and Financial Assets

Weaning off Wall Street The Three Investment Strategies: Close to Home, Sustainable Global Economy, and Evolutionary

A Field Guide to Resilient Investing A Tour of the Nine Zones of the Resilient Investing Map

Find Yourself on the Map What You Are Already Doing: Self-Assessment

Be Ready for Anything Qualities of the Resilient Investor, Scenario Planning, and Plausible Futures

Dancing with the Future Resilient Investor Profiles: What Is Your D-Type?

Your Resilient Investing Plan Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Your Resilient Investing Plan

Tales of Resilient Living The Authors’ Stories

The Invisible Heart of Resilience How Becoming Personally Resilient Helps Create a Resilient World

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book_cover_sample Standing Up to Uncertainty: Learn how you can future-proof your life by cultivating resiliency and embracing an expanded view of what investing can be.

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Praise for the Book

Michael H. Shuman

The authors bring to investment what the periodic table brought to chemistry – clarity, order, and understanding. Thousands of books have been written about how to live well, or how to shop smart, or how to save wisely, but this is the first one to show, step by step, how to optimize for all three and how to harmonize our choices with our dreams. You will never think about investment the same way again.

—Michael H. Shuman, author of “Local Dollars, Local Sense”

Joel Makower

To survive and thrive in an uncertain future means being resilient, in every sense of the word. That’s easy to say, hard to do. The Resilient Investor brings that concept home, showing not just what resiliency means to a financial investor, but also how it relates to the investments we make every day in our families, our communities and ourselves.

— Joel Makower, Executive Editor, , and author, “Strategies for the Green Economy”

Vicki Robin

In Your Money or Your Life, my teacher Joe Dominguez and I put together a conservative road map that helped many achieve financial security. Now, over 30 years since we started teaching, I recognize that times – and I – have changed. I celebrate this book, which lays out a new map showing how each of us can create an ecosystem of investments that helps us to thrive no matter what the future brings.

—Vicki Robin, co-author of “Your Money or Your Life”

Watch our Video Introduction to the Book

Resilient investing looks at more than how we use and invest our money—it also focuses on how we direct our time and attention.

By including the ways we engage with community and family as well as our support of evolutionary, change-making initiatives, this expanded approach to investing can provide a solid foundation in these times, while also helping to shape a resilient future in a world that reflects timeless human values. Join the authors as they introduce the book’s themes.

The Authors

With decades of experience working hand-in-hand with investors, building an exemplar company, and living purposeful lives that have supported the emergence of innovative financial and ecological design solutions, the three authors of this book are a unique team.

The authors of The Resilient Investor are managing partners of Natural Investments LLC, an investment advisory firm with nine offices in eight states. Natural Investments has been a leading voice in sustainable and socially responsible investing since the publication of co-founder Jack Brill’s Investing From the Heart (Crown) in 1992.  

Hal Brill

hal-brill-400px-square Hal Brill is the co-author of Investing With Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference (Bloomberg, 1999; New Society 2000) and co-founder of Natural Investments. He lives in a sustainable neighborhood that he developed on the edge of Paonia, Colorado. He is on the board of Solar Energy International, which provides technical training in renewable energy, and is business manager of an organic hops farm.

Michael Kramer

Michael-Kramer-Square-288px Michael Kramer is Director of Social Research at Natural Investments. He serves on the national policy committee of USSIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. He writes the Sustainable Shareholder column at, and is a strong advocate of innovative local economy strategies and corporate and regulatory reform. He lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i.

Christopher Peck

christopher-peck-square-400px Christopher Peck lives in Sonoma County, California, on a developing homestead within biking distance of a lovely downtown. He’s a long-term sustainability entrepreneur and holistic financial planner. He taught sustainable finance for many years, including in a green MBA program, and a popular course on business planning. He has a black belt in Aikido, and has been studying Zen Buddhism for more than twenty years.

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Michael Kramer at 800-793-7512

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Resilient-Investor-Book-CoverThe book offers a thorough introduction to the key elements of the Resilient Investing system.

In under 150 pages, it also provides a concise overview of the reasons that this expanded view of investing is necessary, a step-by-step process for designing your own resilient investing plan, and a look at the ways the authors have applied these principles in their lives.

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