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The Resilient Investor is designed as a concise introduction to the resilient investing system. We chose to keep the book short, knowing that the in-depth resources that will inform your actual decisions about how to customize a resilient investing plan would be better presented online. And here you are!

This section of the site features material and resources that will take you deeper into our key concepts, and also a wealth of topical content that will help you find specific actions and investments that may make sense as part of your own approach to building a resilient life.

While these sections provide brief introductory material about the resilient investing framework (e.g., future scenarios, our three assets and three strategies, and the societal context that inspired the system), the book will give you a much more complete foundation for engaging with the in-depth resources gathered here, including step-by-step guidance for creating your own resilient investing/life plan. It’s a quick read, and well worth your small investment of money and time!

Field Guide

Here you can dig deep into the options and opportunities for action within each zone of the Resilient Investing Map (RIM). This is the core of our system and will continue to develop. Check back often!

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Future Forecasts

We face an increasingly uncertain future; what’s your best assessment of the possible paths ahead of us? To help you decide where you stand, we’ve gathered writings and videos from thought-leaders who we see as the best examples of five different ways of grappling with today’s unknowns.

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Investing Maps

Download blank Resilient Investing Maps (RIMs) to use as you draft your plan; see sample RIMs from the book, fleshed out with additional detail; and see actual RIMs from resilient investors—and share your own!

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Bonus Material

This section gathers additional writings and online resources that expand on the contextual material that’s in the book, offering additional perspectives on our system and on resilience in general.

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Media & Events

Keep track of us as we go on book tour and as we’re featured in the press. We’ll also have video and some radio shows coming soon.

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Contact Us

Contact the advisory team of Natural Investments. See the full range of services we offer to help resilient investors. We’re also developing webinars, workshops, and other ideas. Let us know what interests you and what type of help you might like so we can develop useful content.

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