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The Story of Our Times

We live in a time of great uncertainty and increasing complexity, which makes it harder than ever to make reliable predictions about the future.  In this essay, Hal Brill fleshes out some of these bigger-picture contexts that led us to see the need for this broader and more flexible approach to investing and life planning.
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The Invisible Heart of Resilience

The Resilient Investor shows how becoming more resilient empowers individuals and prepares them for an uncertain future. Yet we are convinced that the effectiveness of these strategies is strengthened by the fact that we are not only investing for our own good, but also to support the community and environmental relationships on which we all depend.  We see in this a deeper and more authentic version of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.”
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Integral Perspective on Resilient Investing

The expansiveness of the resilient investing system is significantly influenced by the authors’ familiarity with Ken Wilber’s integral theory.  In particular, our inclusion of Personal Assets is closely related to Wilber’s “interiors,” while the inherent hopefulness of our Evolutionary Strategy is informed by integral’s forward-looking perspective.
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What is Resilience?

There’s a new word in town, and its name is resilience. Amazingly in these partisan times, it has managed to span the ideological spectrum, from relocalization activists in their transition towns to economic elites gathered at Davos. We should clearly be paying attention!
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