Learn More About the RIM

Our Resilient Investing Map serves both as a graphic representation of the dual expansion of our approach to investing, and as the foundation for your own planning.


Resilient investing expands your view of investing in a couple of ways.

First, it recognizes that you are actually interested in cultivating several types of assets:

  • Personal assets: relationships, community, learning, health, and spiritual growth
  • Tangible assets: home, efficient energy systems, local food supplies, and a healthy local ecosystem
  • Financial assets: stocks, bonds, savings, and private companies and community projects

Second, it offers three complementary investment strategies, each of which engage with all three asset types:

  • Close-to-home investing recognizes that much of what we already spend time, money, and attention on are rightly considered investments, and it encourages us to remain dedicated to nourishing our relationships, homes, communities, and local economies.
  • Sustainable global economy investing helps you work within the existing economic system as effectively as possible, making sound investments that move you toward your life goals  and the system toward greater sustainability.
  • Evolutionary investing supports the practical visionaries who are redesigning our existing social and technological systems , or creating brand new ones. For some, this strategy becomes a core driver for their own personal and career choices.

Resilient investing enables you to put all of your goals on the table as you consider where to direct your time, attention, and money.

By consciously and methodically spreading your time and money around the full RIM, you’ll be able to adapt and adjust your choices in each zone as changes occur in your life or in the world around you.   This flexibility and responsiveness is at the heart of what it takes to be resilient.

Your choices about what exactly to pursue in each zone of the RIM will be shaped in in part by your assessment of what the future may have in store, including how much you are all-in on any one future scenario, or want to hedge your bets to be partially prepared for others.  See the Future Forecasts section for more on this.

As financial advisors it has not been easy for us to overcome our desire for certainty about where the world is heading.  But once we acknowledged that the world as it is may not be sitting on the most solid of foundations—and that our clients hold a range of views about our possible futures—it became essential to explore strategies that speak to both emerging innovations and local resilience.

Even a few years ago, such a multifaceted approach would have been impractical, as there were few opportunities to invest our money in either the close-to-home or evolutionary strategy. Now we are energized by the explosion of creativity taking place in virtually all the RIM zones