Sample RIMs

Wondering how other people actually use the resilient investing system?  Curious about the sorts of things that others do in each zone, or how they track their next steps?

You’ve come to the right place.  Check out these sample RIMs, consider how you’d like to work with it yourself, and remember to Share your RIM with us!

We’ll start with a sample created by each of the three authors of The Resilient Investor.  As you’ll see, they each used the RIM in their own way.

Hal Brill: A Dualist’s Big Picture

Hal’s approach includes just the highlights of his activities in each zone; he finds it helpful to do this periodically as a way of getting a look at the big picture, to both see how his earlier plans unfolded and glimpse areas for future focus.

Hal's RIM

Michael Kramer: Weaving the Dream

Michael is a self-described Dreamer who also appreciates the value of quantification.  While of course it’s difficult to be exact about the relative values of your time and money, he sees this approach as a valuable way of seeing where his current focus is, and being sure it’s in alignment with his visions of how to invest in both his life, and the world.

Michael's RIM

Christopher Peck: Road Map of a Dancing Driver

Christopher’s RIM illustrates a key stage of the planning process: the point where you decide which areas of your life need additional investment going forward, and where you can cut back in order to make that happen.

Christopher's RIM