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Michael Kramer at VegFest 2016:

(That’s Vegetables for the table, folks! Michael may be in Hawaii, but you can be sure he’s one sharp cookie.) This 45-minute talk in a relaxed setting offers a solid overview of SRI and of resilient investing.

Hal Brill on the Marketplace Morning Report

A concise intro to The Resilient Investor, which offers a technicolor array of investment options in place of Wall Street’s shades of grey.
Listen here; the interview begins after the musical interlude, at about 3:45

Christopher Peck on WomensRadio:

An excellent 13-minute overview of our system and of Christopher’s path to becoming a holistic financial advisor.

Michael Kramer radio interview: New Era Economy

A very good half-hour introduction to the ideas behind resilient investing. From KSFR, Santa Fe, NM
“What we’re trying to do here is to help people understand that there is a risk to whatever perspective you have, and because any perspective can be wrong, we should really be hedging our own bets on our own perspective.  That’s what real resilience is—is being well-prepared for any possible future scenario, not just the one you think is going to happen, because the truth is, nobody knows….I think that’s what makes this not a radical notion; it makes this a very conservative approach to living your life.”

Michael Kramer with Scott Cooney of Triple Pundit:

Another great, brief summary of resilient investing, just seven minutes long.

Michael Kramer interview, MoneyLife Radio

A 12-minute overview of resilient investing.

Michael Kramer with Humanity’s Team

An hour-long interview with Steve Farrell, Executive Director of Humanity’s Team.  Listen or download here.

Michael Kramer on ThinkTechHawaii

The first half of this interview is a great overview of what Natural Investments’ approach to SRI is all about, including our new resilient investing approach; the second half digs into an initiative in the Hawaiian state legislature to have the Employees Retirement System divest from fossil fuels.

Michael Kramer speaks at TEDxKamuela, “Resilience is the New Sustainability.”

Check this out! Michael Kramer recently gave a TEDx talk in Hawaii that outlines the primary thesis of our book. The audio is not perfect but the content (and humor) is top notch.

In-depth interview with Hal Brill

The C-Realm podcast recently featured a 45-minute interview with our very own Hal Brill; the host really “gets” what we’re trying to do with The Resilient Investor, and the interview offers one of the most in-depth explorations of its themes, and of Hal’s unusual life path toward this work. As the teaser suggests:

In a future marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, investors need to overhaul their risk management toolkit. . . Being ready for anything means a lot more than just having your money in the right investments.

You can stream the show or download it here.

Media coverage of The Resilient Investor

Reviews and articles about the book:

Green American, interview with Michael Kramer

Marketplace Morning Report (NPR), interview with Hal Brill

Wisdom Resources, interview with Christopher Peck

Locavesting, interview with Michael and Christopher, by Amy Cortese

Triple Pundit, review and interview

Santa Fe New Mexican, Bounce Back Better

Pacific Edge, review (not online; link is PDF of page)


Excerpts and articles written by us:

Green Money Journal, excerpt from the book’s introduction, “Resilience is the new Sustainability”