How Hawaii is making resilience is the new sustainability

Michael Kramer, co-author of The Resilient Investor, has been deeply engaged with all manner of green initiatives in his home state of Hawaii. Not surprisingly, he’s been on the forefront of a shift there that sees resilience as a powerful organizing principle for these efforts. A recent article he penned for Ke Ola magazine, Resilience is the New Sustainability, takes a deep dive into the reasons for this shift and lays out an array of recent programs that are moving the state in this direction. He is enthused about the Big Island’s increasing self-sufficiency in food and the fact that it’s pushing past 50% renewables in its energy mix. Living on an island in the middle of the world’s largest ocean certainly increases the incentives to accelerate these changes, and we can all learn a lot from the dynamic public and private collaborations that are making Hawaii a leader in local resilience.

Read the whole article here.

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