Riding the exponential finance wave

One of the challenging—and fun!—parts of being a resilient investor is staying abreast of the relentless river of innovation that courses through so many aspects of our lives these days.  None of us can really take it all in, but hopefully we each have areas we follow more closely, areas of expertise that inform and guide us.  It’s good to take the time to scan “headlines from the future” in other realms as well. One of our favorite sources for radically evolutionary news is Singularity University; their site (and feed or weekly email) is especially relevant to the Driver and Dreamer future forecast types among us.  This week, they featured a series of posts from a conference on “Exponential Finance” that they cosponsored with CNBC.  It’s all as mind-opening and exciting as we’ve come to expect from Singularity, and well worth a few minutes of your time as part of your continuing education, so you won’t be caught unaware by the this cresting wave that will be rolling on in not too far in the future.  Topics include:

  • New Breed of Organizations Re-Ranks the Fortune 100
  • Our Children Won’t Know a Bank Teller from a Chimney Sweep
  • Cost of Living in the Future Will Be Substantially Reduced
  • Beyond Bitcoin—the Real Power Is In the Blockchain
  • Financial Advice In the Age of AI and Long Life (we sat up and took note of this one, which predicts that half of today’s financial advisors will be out a job in ten years—except for those that embrace “a broader definition” of investing and advising…so maybe we’re on the right track!)
  • Who Will Be the Instagram or Uber of Finance?

Don’t you want to invest a few minutes of your time to keep some of that on your radar?  For those with a taste for the leading edge, there will be many ways to jump on this wave and ride it—but first you need to size up the swell that continues to grow out there beyond the break.  Now’s the time to decide where you’ll meet it as it begins to crest!

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