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Global Impact Investing Rating System

The Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS, pronounced “gears”) is a system used to assess the social and environmental impact of companies and funds in developed and emerging markets. It uses a ratings and analytics approach similar to Morningstar’s investment ratings and Capital IQ’s financial analytics. Run by B Lab, GIIRS provides a series of tools that impact investors can use to aid them in making intelligent impact investing decisions. B Analytics, a tool launched in late 2014, is a customizable platform used to measure, benchmark and report on impact. Visit website.

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A Guide to Impact Investing for Donors

This guide by the Philanthropic Initiative offers a helpful introduction to impact investing. It is geared towards individuals, families, and foundations that want to align financial assets with social goals, while strengthening for-profit and non-profit organizations with social benefit missions. Visit website to learn more.

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