The world really is getting better

With the climate crisis capturing most of our attention, it’s all to easy to overlook the ways that the world really has been getting better over the past 25 years.  This recent Vox chart-cicle will perk you up.  Most striking are the rapid drops in extreme poverty and  hunger: undernourishment in developing countries is about half of what it was in 1990.  And perhaps the most exciting trend is the expansion of education in sub-Saharan Africa, where 80% of kids are now enrolled in school; I’m convinced that this new reservoir of education will spawn some transformative world leaders in the decades ahead.  The future may still be in the balance, but all of this adds a few good-sized weights to the “muddle through up” side of the scale.  Go see all 11 charts at Vox, or click through here for a couple more of our favorites.







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