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Inspiration and practical advice: investing in food, soil

Resilient investors are typically very attuned to the need and opportunities for investing in local, regional, and global farmland and habitat regeneration. Even recently, it was often difficult to find viable avenues for making these investments, but things are changing fast.  See our Zone 6 resources for many tangible, evolutionary options; and here are two recent online articles that offer both practical advice and big-picture perspectives that may inspire you to dig into this zone more actively.

The first is a great overview from Don Shaffer of RSF Social Finance.

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Virgin Earth Challenge incentivizing the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

A $25 million innovation-incentive prize will be awarded to an organization demonstrating sustainable and economically viable way of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The prize’s website features profiles of the eleven finalists, each of which is developing an inspiring way forward, as well as a blog covering topics related to greenhouse gas removal. Visit website.

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Holistic Land Management – the Savory Institute

The Savory institute promotes holistic land management and grazing techniques, rotating herds of domestic livestock in a way that mimics the movement of wild herds. In addition to increasing soil fertility and water storages, these techniques can sequester thousands of tons of carbon in the soil. Learn more at their website.

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